A new Alumni Association set up to give back to Saint Lucia and help the SALCC

A new Alumni Association set up to give back to Saint Lucia and help the SALCC

The Alumni Association of the Tertiary Educational Institutions on the Morne, known as AATEIM, which was formed in May 2021 wishes to announce the election of its first Executive Committee which was held at a Special General Meeting on December 10, 2021.  The team designated to head the organization until December 2023 are President, Dr. Marie-Louise Felix; Vice President, Dr. Gale Archibald; Treasurer, Vandyke Theodore, Secretary, Sarah George; and Public Relations Officer, Dr. Delia Samuel.

AATEIM is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to creating a lifelong and worldwide community of alumni seeking to contribute to the national development of Saint Lucia through the support of high-quality tertiary education to all eligible persons.   It will also facilitate a culture of philanthropy among the alumni body and its partners.  The strategic objectives of the Association include support to students who struggle to overcome the financial burden of attendance at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, providing mentorship, internships, and professional development opportunities for students and alumni and support equipment upgrades and refurbishment of college facilities.

The new executive wishes to inform the public that all persons who attended, part-time or full-time, any of the institutions such as the Morne Educational Complex, the Morne Technical College, Teachers Training College, the Agricultural College, the Saint Lucia School of Nursing, the Saint Lucia ‘A” Level College and the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) are eligible to be members. Persons who served as faculty are also eligible to be members of the AATEIM. The Association believes that through small contributions from many alumni within and outside of Saint Lucia, significant strides can be made. It is the opportunity to give back and play a role in the island’s development.

SALCC’s management welcomes the initiative and looks forward to a productive collaboration with AATEIM.  Acting Principal, Dr. Merle St Clair-Auguste, noted that the “Association provides an avenue to value the contribution of our past, ourselves and our future”.   Dame Pearlette Louisy, former Governor General of Saint Lucia and past-Principal of both the Saint Lucia ‘A’ Level College and then the SALCC, congratulated the group on making the Alumni Association a reality, something she and others had hoped for over the years.

With thousands of alumni graduating from the various institutions on the Morne over the past five decades, AATEIM’s President Dr. Marie Louise Felix looks forward to alumni worldwide sharing in the principles on which the Association has been established. She hopes that this can attract hundreds of members and other supporters during its first few years of operation.

The AATEIM will be formally launched, virtually, on Sunday February 13th, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. Saint Lucia time.  Alumni are invited to visit the Association’s website www.alumni-teim.org for more information and the opportunity to become a member.

Contact: alumni.teim@gmail.com

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