Alumni Spotlight: Hilron Mauricette, Founder/Owner of Mauricette’s Auto Repairs Inc

Alumni Spotlight Hilron Mauricette

Alumni Spotlight: Hilron Mauricette, Founder/Owner of Mauricette’s Auto Repairs Inc

Hilron Mauricette is the founder/owner of Mauricette’s Auto Repairs Inc, which is in Bois d’Orange, Gros Islet, St Lucia.

His formal education in auto mechanics commenced at Morne Technical College in 1983. Considered inexperienced at the time of graduation, his first employer was the then Government Funding Scheme (GFS), where he was employed as an apprentice autobody mechanic and was introduced to autobody repairing. He developed a passion for autobody repairs soon afterwards. When GFS closed down, he continued to expand his experience in autobody repairing by taking on minor repairs, which led to major or complete autobody repairs. After a few years of working on his own, he went on to provide autobody repairs to Northwest Ltd, all the while staying committed to his vision of owning his own specialized autobody building.

In 2004, he opened Mauricette’s Auto Repairs Inc in Bois d’Orange, Gros Islet, – a completely specialized autobody service. By that time, he had undertaken many training seminars and workshops in Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, Barbados, and the United States in areas related to autobody repairs, such as paint refinishing, plastic welding, and chassis straightening.

With his vast knowledge in autobody repairs, he continued to educate himself in the use of modern and efficient equipment and materials that provide the high-quality finish which can be compared to a brand-new vehicle. Amongst the state-of-art equipment purchased is the highly acclaimed Blackhawk computerized measuring system equipped to handle chassis straightening; a Saima spray painting booth, plastic welding equipment and other pneumatic/air tools.

Mauricette’s Auto Repairs Inc core business is autobody repairs for minor and major collisions, and chassis straightening; and is also approved and authorized by the Insurance Council of St Lucia to provide Estimates of Repairs to insurance companies and valuations and roadworthiness to customers.

When he first entered this industry, there were no other auto repair operators providing the service of a computerized chassis straightening and spray painting of vehicles in a dedicated paint room. He has taken this industry many leaps forward to improve the standard of repairs and has unselfishly provided employment and training opportunities to many persons who now offer autobody repair services in St Lucia and overseas.

At Mauricette’s Auto Repairs Inc, Hilron continues to impress on his employees that quality and commitment work together, which is reflected in the quality of repairs provided to his customers.

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