Election of AATEIM Executive Committee – Dec 2021

Election of Officers

Here are the guidelines and procedures for the election of the first AATEIM Executive Committee

Who can participate? Any financial member of the Association can nominate themselves or another financial member for any of the five executive positions. An Elections Committee will be managing the entire process. Do look out for emails and WhatsApp notifications from the Chair and respond promptly as the election process is time-sensitive.

How do I nominate a member? Read the position’s job description, and use the Nomination Form to submit your nomination by electronic mail on or before the announced deadline. Email your nominations to the Chair with the subject: AATEIM Votes. 

Here are the positions for which nominations are being sought. Click here to read the job descriptions here.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations Officer/Communications Specialist

How do I cast my vote? You should read the Bios of the nominees and cast your vote!  Your vote will be anonymous. Please look out for instructions from the Elections Committee Chair on how to cast your vote as we have to accommodate a virtual situation.

How will the results be tallied? Votes will be shown and tallied in real-time during the Special General Meeting. A Majority vote is needed to elect a position. A run-off election between the top two candidates shall determine the outcome in the event that no candidate receives a plurality.

When will the results be announced? Results will be announced during the Special General Meeting, and electees will be invited to give brief remarks. A press release will be published to announce the installation of the AATEIM Executive Committee.

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