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Join the AATEIM

To join the Association, you first have to register. Registration does not mean you will automatically become a member. You become a member when you pay membership fees. The time between registration and paying membership fees depends on you. You can pay annually or a one-time payment (see our Constitution Articles 7 and 8).

Benefits Of Membership
Discover the many benefits of joining the AATEIM...

Professional Development

Access to networking, mentorship, internship and professional development opportunities.


Becoming a part of a Wider Professional Network.


Connecting with other Alumni and reconnecting with school colleagues.


Opportunities for mentoring and providing financial support to students and college staff.


Financial support is provided for students who need help (e.g., fees, equipment, etc).

Helping AATEIM Grow and Develop

Volunteer on the Sub-Committees (Bursaries; Mentorship; Fundraising; Membership & Outreach; Promotion & Marketing) – use and grow your skills and expertise by getting involved.

Giving Back

Assist the SALCC and any other institution that may evolve, to deliver services that are accessible to and equitable among all enrolled students.

Your membership fees and donations AATEIM receives go toward initiatives to support the students and graduates of SALCC as outlined above.

What’s Next?

STEP 1: Fill out an AATEIM Membership Application Form

Complete an application form to register with us.

STEP 2: Pay Your Membership Dues

XCD50.00/USD20.00 (one time and non-refundable)
Annual Membership XCD150.00/USD60.00
Lifetime Membership XCD1,500.00/USD550.00 (one time payment)


join for only XCD50.00 – no membership fee for the first year of membership (offer expires on December 31st 2022)