There are three options for membership of the Association:

Ordinary Members

Open to all persons who have attended the SALCC, its predecessor and subsequent institutions.

Associate Members

Open to any of the following who have served the SALCC and/or its predecessor and subsequent institutions.

  • Faculty
  • Part-time lecturers
  • Lab assistants
  • Administrative and support staff

Honorary Members

The Executive Committee, at its annual general meeting, may propose as honorary members of the Association, distinguished members of the Association or any outstanding legal or natural person who has contributed to the development and advancement of SALCC.

Our Members
Become a part of a growing community and network with thousands of members...
Benefits Of Membership
Discover the many benefits of joining the AATEIM...


Reconnecting with school colleagues.


Connecting with other Alumni.

Professional Development

Access to networking, mentorship, internship and professional development opportunities.


Becoming a part of a Wider Professional Network.


Opportunities for mentoring and providing financial support to students and college staff.

Giving Back

Assist the SALCC and any other institution that may evolve, to deliver services that are accessible to and equitable among all enrolled students.