Our Logo & Slogan

Our Logo

The central theme of the logo, the clasping helping hand and the receiving hand, embodies the alumni mission of ‘reaching back and helping up’ our younger generation to aspire to greatness through the collective wisdom and material means of the alumni community. The logo is of simple composition to achieve pleasing symmetry. The colour rendition signifies the pride associated with our national flag and the design allows for rendition in monochrome at small size without losing definition and meaning. Finally, the design is unique – an online Google scan reveals no similar matches.

The logo was designed by Dr. Christopher Cox.

Our Slogan

Leveraging our Legacy

Legacy is illustrative of what has been handed down to us in history through SALCC and its predecessor institutions, and what we have built in our lives and can now “pay forward” in service to others.

The slogan was developed by Dr. Nathaniel Samuel.