Join an AATEIM Subcommittee

To meet its strategic objectives for supporting SALCC, AATEIM is in the process of forming several sub-committees which would assist in implementing a variety of programs.

Alumni (members and non-members) and friends of AATEIM can volunteer to become members of these sub-committees.

Bursaries Sub-Committee

Administer the disbursement of bursaries to candidates qualifying for financial support based on the criteria and selection process.

Fundraising Sub-committee

 Coordinate and implement all fundraising and resource.

Membership and Outreach Sub-committee


Mentoring Sub-committee

Access to networking, mentorship, internship and professional development opportunities.

Promotions and Marketing Sub-committee

Spread knowledge about AATEIM and its activities with an aim to increase
public awareness and generate interest in the organisation.

To join, email with the subject line “AATEIM Sub-committees”.